Review Photo – “Pig Pile Sandwich” I am so upset with myself for not trying this place sooner. It’s easy to get to, has good parking and the food… WOW! Service was great and very friendly. I appreciated the chit chat about the history of the food and restaurant. My son and I both ordered the Porky Pig Pile sandwich. It comes with a side. I got the corn bread which was good and my son got the potato salad which he said was ok. I think I will try the potato salad next time. The sandwich: It’s hard to explain so please take a look at the picture I will attach to this review. Essentially it’s a decent sized layered BBQ Pork sandwich with the works. Even has onion rings. Not too much sauce which I like since I usually put on the hot sauce myself. The pork was awesome. The combination of layers is amazing. Then… there was the garlic fries. We got a 1/2 pound and they were very good. Some of the best garlic fries that I have had so far and if you’ve read my other reviews you know I like garlic fries.