Outstanding! My wife and I got a pleasant surprise when we stopped for a bite at Smokey’s Bar-B-Que on Hwy 2 at Skykomish. The interior was bright, clean, and inviting. We were greeted immediately by the staff (owners). They were friendly and made us feel welcomed. We tried the BBQ chicken sandwiches w/ slaw and sides of both slaw and mac n cheese. Absolutely delicious! The slaw on the sandwich was crisp and tangy. The perfect pairing with the smokey delicate chicken on a bun. The mac n cheese was no slacker either. Creamy, rich, and set off with a light dusting of their signature rub (one of the many superb creations of James Jones. Owner and winner of multiple BBQ competitions). Worth the drive, worth the stop! Eat here and your taste buds will thank you!