My wife and I have lived in Seattle for almost a year now and, honestly, our only real disappoint has been in the city’s BBQ out here..I’ve tried probably a dozen racks of ribs in the area, and none were that great.  All of that changed, however, with a visit to Cle Elum and Smokey’s BBQ – and damn did it make this Midwestern country boy’s day.  First off – the location is simply perfect – an old railway building nestled next to wonderful mountain views.  That introduction, the awesome building and gorgeous views, was an excellent indicator of how just how damn good Smokey’s BBQ would be…all of it.  We ordered a Feast For Two, plus an extra side, which consisted of: a rack of ribs, smoked brisket, smoked chicken, Mac n cheese, coleslaw, and baked beans.  Each and every aspect of the meal was perfect – from the absurdly moist and delicious chicken, perfectly tender ribs, or wonderfully creamy and flavorful Mac n cheese.  The joint puts their BBQ rub on a lot of their food which only adds even more deliciousness to everything…so much so that we bought some for home and I may have used it on every meal since then… If you’re traveling to Cle Elum to enjoy the mountains, or if you’re just a Seattleite craving some good down-home ‘que, you simply have to check this joint out!